Monday, April 30, 2012

Whistleblower di Pengadaan Barang dan Jasa

Kita membaca hari ini, non yang cantik, Enji diminta pejabat KPK untuk menjadi  Justice Collaborator.
Justice Collaborator : Yang bersangkutan merupakan salah satu pelaku, mengakui kejahatan yang dilakukannya, bukan pelaku utama dalam kejahatan tersebut, serta memberikan keterangan sebagai saksi dalam proses peradilan.
Sambil menyimak lebih lanjut mengenai  Justice Collaborator. Kita pelajari dulu Whistleblower.
Whistleblower  :  Yang bersangkutan merupakan pihak yang mengetahui dan melaporkan tindak pidana serta bukan merupakan bagian dari pelaku kejahatan yang dilaporkannya
Sejumlah Wistleblower Terkenal :
Frank Serpico: The first (in the late '60s) and most famous police officer to report widespread corruption in a police department (New York City's), he risked his life to come forward.
Daniel Ellsberg: He risked severe pressure and retaliation from the federal government in 1971 when he leaked the "Pentagon Papers" to The New York Times, revealing the secret pretexts for the war in Vietnam. He was a U.S. State Department analyst before becoming a whistleblower.
 "Deep Throat" (now known to be the late W. Mark Felt): He gave Washington Post reporters the information about then-President Nixon's involvement in the Watergate illegalities in 1972. This whistleblowing eventually led to Nixon's resignation from office and prison terms for two members of his staff.
 Karen Silkwood: In 1974, she exposed serious safety violations at her workplace, a nuclear plant in Oklahoma. The film "Silkwood" is an account of her story; her death at the wheel of her car as she was driving to meet a reporter has been alleged to be a homicide.
 Jeffrey Wigand: In 1996, Wigand blew the whistle on the cigarette industry when he revealed the intentional manipulation of nicotine, known as "impact boosting," by his former employer, Brown & Williamson, in an interview on the television program 60 Minutes.
Linda Tripp: She told the Office of Independent Counsel that her friend had committed perjury — starting the whole "Monica Lewinsky affair" in 1998. The Clinton administration then leaked personal information about her, and she successfully pursued a lawsuit based on this violation of the Privacy Act of 1974
Sherron Watkins: An Enron Whistleblower and former vice president, she exposed the highly irregular accounting methods being used by the company to hide the true state of its financial affairs in 2001. Enron later filed the largest corporate bankruptcy on record — too late for investors, unfortunately.
Coleen Rowley: A special agent with the FBI, she revealed the agency's inaction and mistakes that may have allowed the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
Di Indonesia peran seorang whistleblower belum mendapatkan apresiasi yang baik, minimnya dukungan, perlindungan apalagi penghormatan/ penghargaan yang memadai bagi mereka sering tidak sesuai dengan pentingnya pengungkapan  mereka bagi penegakan hukum dan kepentingan publik yang telah dicederai.
Anehnya pada saat yang sama, nilai dan pentingnya whistleblowing dalam memerangi korupsi justru semakin diakui.

Setelah membaca orang-orang yang menginspirasi, bagaimana di Pengadaan Barang dan Jasa di Indonesia ?

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